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Jumping the Shark: How the Print Book is clinging to Life in a Digital World

Alison K. Lanier We’ve heard again and again that paper books are on their way out.

The Price of Nano-Sizing: Companies Put the Brakes on Tiny Technology

By Alison K. Lanier Modern gadgets are marketed as the arrival of the future—sleekly simplified and

Readers and Writers Rejoice: Publish E-books and Read Free E-books with Amazon

By Miranda Moore additional reporting by Linzy Novotny Now that Amazon is offering its free publication

Gear Review: The Kindle FireDock

By Sam Parker The pool outside of Apple accessories is getting a little deeper. Grace Digital

Something Borrowed: The Kindle Lending Library may change e-publishing… again

By Beatty Jamieson The Amazon Kindle is one of those seemingly minor evolutions of technology that

Gear Review: The Kindle Touch

By Beatty Jamieson I’ve loved Amazon’s Kindle e-reader since it was first announced in 2007 and

Rise of the Machines: E-Readers turn the publishing world upside-down

By Eric Balaz The publication of a book is every writer’s dream, but the traditional path

Turning the Page: The New Breed of E-readers

By Andrew Pryor On the Good E-reader Blog’s March 20 post there is a Good E-Reader

Nvate, Now Available On iPad, Kindle, & Android

We’ve worked hard to get here, and have finally made it. Click here to start your