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Buy Groceries Online: Shopping Made Simple With Homeplus’ On-The-Go Grocery App

By Sam Parker Miles and piles of produce? Soul-draining fluorescent lights? Apathetic, mop-haired youths in polo shirts? You must be shopping for groceries, a particularly un-fun form of shopping little changed from the first aisle-based supermarkets. But South Korean supermarket chain Homeplus has implemented an easier method of grocery shopping for busy commuters. After questioning [&hellip

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QR Code Art Gallery: Phoning It In

By Andrew Pryor At first, a qr code art gallery sounds forehead-smacking obvious. Of course an art gallery with no actual art on display would leave many visitors looking at their phones – as they head for the exit. However, one novel exhibit is keeping guests happy without hanging any art at all. Artform Gallery [&hellip

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