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Structural Innovations of Dubai: 3 of the Emirate’s Greatest Beacons

By Rachel Flynn The United Arab Emirates is a leader in hotel and structural innovation. A

Nbrief: New Life from an Old Viking and Google+

New life from Viking II Orbiter By Corey Conley Mars has long provoked wonder among Earthlings

Crap We Want

By Rachel Flynn The world is full of crap. Most of it is not worth having.

Instant Winner: Internet freebies are on the rise. What gives?

By Rachel Flynn and Corey Conley Giveaways, real and fake, are proliferating across the web. Giant

Can video games really make fitness fun?

By Rachel Flynn and Corey Conley As the days go by and I stick to my

Viral Resistance: The viral video grows up…kinda

By Rachel Flynn and Corey Conley To past generations, the phrase “it’s going viral” conjures up

Building Steam: Why is Steampunk so popular?

By Rachel Flynn Watching my roommate Meghan walk by in a handmade dress was my first

Mobile Devices: Are you ready for in-car Wifi?

By Rachel Flynn Have you ever sent a text while driving, looking out the whole time

State of the Art: How the Web is changing Creativity

By Rachel Flynn Today, art is more prolific and easier to share than ever before. Websites