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Restoring Partial Sight: Bionic Eyes and How They Work

By Talia Beechick It has been tested, and the rumors are true. Bionic Vision Australia’s recently

iOptik: New Technology Lets You See What is Right In Front of your Eyes

By Talia Beechick The same technology that shows computer-generated input in videos is being utilized by

The Circle of Life—Grow Herbs, Small Vegetables and Flowers in Your Home

By Talia Beechick Before you start humming “The Lion King,” take a look at Italian design

The Soybean: Cancer Fighting Superhero

By Talia Beechick Who knew that tasty, protein-packed soybeans actually contain a powerful cancer-fighting substance? ScienceDaily

Forget Auto-Focus: Lytro Camera Focuses Photos after they are Snapped

By Talia Beechick Some call the Lytro camera magic and others call it a waste of

The Lowdown on Low-Sodium: Reducing Intake Can Save Lives

  by Talia Beechick So maybe the gluten-free and paleo fads weren’t enough for you. Take

Forging Art and Science: Nature’s Toolbox Exhibit Builds Conservation Awareness

Photos and Article By Talia Beechick On May 22, Chicagoans experienced the opening of Nature’s Toolbox,

Ouch! Turn that Music Up: New Study Shows Listening to Music can Relieve Pain

By Talia Beechick For years, doctors have been using music as a distraction for patients and

New Gear in our Biological Clock May Help Treat Sleep Disorders

By Talia Beechick Ever feel like your alarm clock is going off far too early and

The New Forms of Consumption: Edible Bottles and Inhalable Chocolate

By Talia Beechick I know—I did a double take when I first read it too, but