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What Tesla’s new crossover teaches us, and what Detroit doesn’t get

By Corey Conley Once again defying critics who accuse them of being just another piece of Silicon Valley vaporwear, electric-car upstart Tesla motors unveiled their second mainstream model, the 2014 Model X crossover. The sleek, shark-like X is, naturally, all electric, using the same three-phase AC induction motor and rear-drive fixed gearbox to drive the [&hellip

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The Hot List: 4 gadgets we’re really excited about

By Corey Conley & Beatty Jamieson Hellman’s New Non-Perishable Longevity Mayonnaise We’ve all been there, looking in the fridge for our next hit of tangy, creamy mayo when we find the dreaded “old jar of mayo,” green and hideous. Inevitably, we reflect how mayo would be the perfect food if only it wasn’t so delicate. Well, Hellman’s [&hellip

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Tesla Motors: Power Wheels For Adults

Check any kid’s toy box and sooner or later you’ll find a toy car; at some point every kid becomes fascinated by cars. They fulfill this wonder by playing with Hot Wheels and RC cars; but some of the lucky few get to drive around in those wicked-awesome Power Wheels Jeeps made by Fisher-Price. These [&hellip

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