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The Lonely World of Digital Communication

In a digital communication world, we all have Facebook profiles with hundreds of so-called “friends” on

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As 73 percent of online adults actively engage with social media, advertisers see these platforms as

Personable Marketing: Why You Should Pay Attention to Snapchat

Kate Wilke “If you’re not using Snapchat for your marketing, you’re not getting it,” Gary Vaynerchuk,

Transmedia Storytelling: A Twist on Narratives

Maria D’Antonio Storytelling has existed in various forms throughout humanity; including oral tradition, print, and television.

Social Media: An Important Business Investment

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Political Revolutions: Like Us on Facebook

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Alerting the Public and Solving Crimes: Law Enforcement’s Use of Social Media

By Michael Cleland Law enforcement is quickly discovering that social media can be used as an