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Power to the Viewers: Tip Jar and the Changing Economics of YouTube

  Article by Alison K. Lanier | 829 words Professional YouTubers can make a handy profit

Transmedia Storytelling: A Twist on Narratives

Maria D’Antonio Storytelling has existed in various forms throughout humanity; including oral tradition, print, and television.

A Feminist Critique of Video Games versus Misogynist Backlash

Bobby Miller Anita Sarkeesian, a 28-year-old resident of San Francisco, Calif., defines herself as a “feminist,

From Gaming to YouTube: An Interview with Ken Grau

By Laura Kemmerer Even though the video game industry is no longer in its infancy, the

Blip Helps Put Your Original Web Series on the Map

By Jen Heller Meservey Welcome to the year 2012, when people have thousands of videos at

Where Has Stranger Danger Gone? Young Bloggers Balance Celebrity and Anonymity Online

By Alison K Lanier The young, Internet-dwelling generation grew up immersed in “stranger danger” programs, with

Are YouTube Ads Annoying? How to Create Entertaining Ads

by Janet Martin Ever since YouTube decided to sign on with Vevo—a music content and music

The Rise of Internet Personalities: An Interview with Mike Falzone

by Laura Kemmerer With the rise of the Internet, there are very few occupations that have

Viral Resistance: The viral video grows up…kinda

By Rachel Flynn and Corey Conley To past generations, the phrase “it’s going viral” conjures up

Youtube, iTunes, and Magic Drumsticks

By Mark Johnson As a techwriter, I regularly look for connections between discoveries in one area